Uroxatral (Alfuzosin)
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Product description: Uroxatral is an alpha blocker which is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia by relaxing the muscles in the bladder neck and prostate.
Active Ingredient: Alfuzosin
Uroxatral as known as: Alfugen, Innosensitive, Alfusin, Ofuxal, Tevax, Mittoval, Alfuzosinum, Lafunomyl, Dazular xl, Alugen, Alreos, Xantral, Alfuzosini, Zatral, Cezin, Alfural, Flotral, Alfetim, Alfuhexal, Alcinin, Alfulek, Urion, Dalfaz, Unibenestan, Alfusosin, Xatral, Alfusozina, Alfuzostad, Alfunar, Alfu, Xatger, Alfuzin, Benestan

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